Everything is connected. Your environment, your diet, your daily routine – even your emotions have a tremendous impact on your health.

Whether you’re suffering from insomnia, infertility, or recurring infections, the first step towards wellness is to uncover the connections that are causing your physical symptoms. Then, we can work – together – to address them.

I’m Dr. Jackie Streich, an Etobicoke-based naturopathic doctor focused on helping clients conceive, grow, and heal in a holistic, natural way.

When I first meet with a client, we dive (deep!) into your life. I want to hear about all your health concerns and symptoms for sure – but also your lifestyle, your habits and what’s keeping you up at night. Every single piece of information you share is significant, because your life story impacts your health in a big way.

From there, we get to work treating the cause of your symptoms, so you can feel well again (whatever that means for you), or meet a specific goal (like becoming pregnant). You can read more about my approach to naturopathy, and the different modalities/treatment types I use, here.

In addition to naturopathic medicine, I also offer acupuncture and reiki  – and will suggest these adjunct services as part of a treatment plan where it makes sense. For example, hormones respond well to acupuncture, so I might recommend this to someone whose main concern is fertility.


I always knew I wanted to be in a health-related field and help people. In University, while studying biomedical sciences and psychology, I came across the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) at a job fair – and was intrigued.

I decided to visit a naturopath myself to get a feel for this new-to-me option. I had chronic, recurrent infections for which I was constantly taking antibiotics. It was affecting many aspects of my life. I ended up in tears of relief in that naturopath’s office as I told her about my life and what was going on. Sure enough, she identified the root cause of the issue and was able to treat it. The rest, as they say, is history.

After graduating, I completed the four-year doctor of naturopathy course at CCNM and, since then, have built a thriving Etobicoke-based practice. I also became a mom along the way (I have two boys, Hunter who is 4 and Harrison who is 2), and have worked as both a naturopathic birth doula and a coordinator for the west Toronto chapter of MumNet alongside my work as an ND.

There’s an art to naturopathic medicine, which is the part I like the most. Perhaps it’s my psychology background, but I love hearing people’s stories, connecting the dots for them, and helping them find relief and wellness from the inside out.

When I’m not treating patients, you’re likely to find me chasing after my two active little boys, busting a move at a dance fitness class, or enjoying time with family outdoors.

If you’re interested in more information about my services, click here . For answers to some frequently asked questions, click here . Or, if you’d like to skip all that and reach out for a free consult, I’d be delighted to hear from you. You can contact me here.